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Search Advanced…. AmberCutie's Forum. An adult community for cam models and members to discuss all the things! Install the app. Twitter Tips for Cam Models. Thread starter AmberCutie Start date Jun 15, By continuing to use this site you are confirming that you are at least 18 years of age.

You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. First Prev 3 of 8 Go to . IntravenousFlytrap Inactive Cam Model. Sep 5, 91 54 28 31 Wonderland profiles. I never really used Twitter much before becoming a camgirl--now I love it and have gotten more followers within a month than I did my last one in years!

I love this thread. Good advice! Reactions: TajaEthereal. MicaVerano Cam Model. Nov 3, 93 MicaVerano. I love the fact that twitter can be the most powerful tool we have for camming at the moment. Following grows really fast and people just seem friendly. I really appreciate the tips for Twitter!

Hope it will help me in the near future! Sep 9, 28 32 98 38 London, UK profiles. Princessbambiix said:. Why do they even shadow ban s?? It seems like Twitter is more lenient with nudity, so I don't get it unless someone's being racist, homophobic, etc. Click to expand Reactions: Princessbambiix. UniversitySmiles Inactive Cam Model. AmberCutie said:. So I wanted to drop it here click below and read all replies to share the info. Nov 17, 8 3 1 Twitter Username AgnessQueen. Thanks for advice is super helpful I will use them. Nov 28, 8 4 1. Nice post. I also recommend to automat your twitter feed with buffer add-ons on chrome or firefox.

You can also setup twitter bot. It will save you tons of time. GREAT post! I use much of this often. I find social media can tend to be time consuming and doesn't contribute much to my cam room. I have recently just gone back to the basics. The cam and me.

Some social media, just got rid of my fb. Summer Raynes Inactive Cam Model. Oh my gosh.. I've been legit blanking on how the hell to use twitter. Lets just say the basis of my social media guruness ends at posting on my personal facebook. I use to to post sexy pictures and when I'm online I'm also figuring out how the heck to work snapchat, a whole other monster. Social media is my weakness, I swear. Here's to improvements!

JennyFae Cam Model. Jul 21, 1, 93 Nevada, USA stripchat. Thanks for posting forrestbonnie's thread, so helpful! I do not tweet very often most of my post are probably the automatic ones that mfc post when I am online.

Deleted member Guest. BraceFace96 said:. Reactions: SadieSixx and samijanemfc. Jan 14, 69 12 8. TajaEthereal boleynmodels. Jul 21, 73 World Wide Web admin. I run several twitter campaigns both adult and mainstream. I use to run them entirely different in the sense that I would never engage in mainstream thre on my adult s.

I would only interact with other people in the adult industry because I thought if I put myself out there in the mainstream as a sex worker I'd get trolled. But on the flipside I'd tweet away on my mainstream s.. Posting memes under celebrity thre, just living my best life really. So I had to change my thinking and decided that just because it's an adult twitter doesn't mean I can't insert myself into the conversation and have fun.

So once I started doing that my twitter engagement went up and my target audience opened up as well. Now I have more exposure and more eyes on my profiles. I don't post explicit pictures or nudity anymore. Just mostly my real life interest: music, art, comedy and a few sexy pics sprinkled in. I try to make my tweets just interesting enough so that people get curious and click on my bio, and also I've found that by not being too ratchet that now even non-adult s are more likely to retweet me.

One other tip that I've found to work beautifully is to frequently change your name. Not the twitter handle but the one that precedes it. One of my twitters has a very explicit name, so instead of changing that one I distract from it by making it silly af!

Reactions: NatalieP. Dec 17, 96 37 8 24 Canada profiles. I'm sorry if I missed it but could someone explain how I could possibly find some more Canadian friends? I love chatting with Canadians! I live in Canada and it seems they actually take a general interest in me and are more supportive fans!

Yeah, I guess that makes sense. I always worry that one of my settings might not be working right haha! What is being "Shadow Banned? Harvey said:. You have to actually engage on twitter for success. Most girls just post a pic and link to their show. That is it. And don't reply to any questions or comments on their posts. The ones getting the most out of twitter are talking and engaging with everyone on there. Take a look around and you will see what I am talking about x. DivineNemesis Cam Model. Jan 23, 68 98 53 The Cold, Dark North.

I use buffer and crossfire to keep! Otherwise, I try to be interactive on Twitter. I generally do that while waiting for videos to to clip sites or something like that. Alexis Curley. Jan 19, 27 18 3. Thank you for the tips, Twitter is indeed a great helping hand in boosting our popularity and keeping in touch with our fans.

Amber Megan. Nov 9, 27 14 3 31 Twitter Username ambermegan. Thanks for the tips, Twitter has proven extremely helpful for me so far.

Twitter cam girls

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Get the Most Out of Twitter: A Camgirl’s Guide