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They are women with purpose, and they are also strong-minded. Here, we have compiled a list of BBWs where most of them have big sized tits and, at the same time, have a full, round figure. Most of the women on the list are into modeling besides filming porn, and most of them are famous in what they do. They are slowly being recognized by a huge of people and some of them are determined to reach what they are aiming in life.

BBW has their attractiveness, and they are charming to some percentage of the population, and it is slowly getting tremendous recognition nowadays. Fetishes for SSBBW is not uncommon, many men or women just love that extra padding or cushion that these women have. They are also types of women who know what they want, and they are not afraid to do everything to get it. They have found their niche in the industry as they just do what they are good at without hesitation. Even if it is a thin, medium frame, thick frame, or even large body size, we should always follow what we aim for in life without letting our body size get in the way.

BBW are sensational people, and some women should get the same attitude from them, that to reach your goal, you should be ready to do what is needed and whatever it takes. Just like the women on the list, they do not let their size be an issue because they love themselves, and they are confident. Size should never be an issue because it is just outside appearance, which should not be a factor at all. Mofos 2. Brazzers 3. Reality Kings 4. True Amateurs. It all started in when a big boobs hunter spotted her Instagram , and the rest, as they say, is history.

Her present bra size is 40F and is just right for her height, which is 5 feet and 11 inches. Kitty is from Iowa, USA, and she started in the adult film industry in She stayed in the business for 8 years before she retired in Fondly called as Kitty or Lee by her colleagues and friends.

Kitty can be on top of your list of BBW with a 38F tit size. Men usually take a second look and automatically get a hard-on. Sofia was from Southern California, where she was born. She is of mixed ethnicity and also has different attractive, outstanding features such as her brown eyes and olive skin. This BBW just made use of her humongous tits because it is what attracts men. Her first stint was in modeling, but after a few photoshoots, she decided to lay low. Then after some time, she gives it a go again.

They also featured her in On the Plush Side magazine and many popular magazines, plus she did some videos not just in the US, but in another country as well and has become more popular as a result. As her name connotes, Curvy is one fleshy lady. Born on November 18, , and has been active in the industry since This BBW has red hair and stands 5 feet and 7 inches. Curvy is someone who looks at herself as someone unique with her own sets of talent.

Quinn loves being in front of the camera, and she likes to collect the photos that show her alluring and the tempting body. By the way, Curvy also has a 40H bra size that is all-natural. She was born on July 19, , Milena is a Czech glamour model from Germany.

She did some videos as well and a lot of photoshoots plus modeling. Nadine features big-boob models, and it was apparently a wise move for Milena. Milena has almost retired in , but she still held on with new content for her website, and she continued with doing films and videos. She also has some websites that she manages, such as her own blog on Twitter and her social media Myspace and YouTube.

Emma is your best example of a plushy, BBW woman. Emma was born on November 18, , with a height of 5 feet and four inches plus a boob size of 42E. She has brown eye color plus luscious lips. Kore is an American Adult Model. She is also a porn star with many videos under her name.

Kore considers herself a fun person to be with as she always looks at life simply, and she hates complications. For men who are more excited with women who have that extra cushion, Elizza is another star to follow. Talk about natural. Maria is blessed with 36F natural tits, and she has no plans of having it enhanced anytime soon. Her first stint in Top Heavy made a mark on her life, and the next opportunity came knocking at her door from Score.

It thrilled her when she was given the chance to show her talent and her enormous pair of tits at last. There are also times when Maria seems to be insecure about what she has and even thought of having a reduction but not keen on pushing through with that plan. Julia likes body piercing, so she had both her nipples pierced. She is still contemplating if she wants a tattoo, though. You can follow this lovely lady on her Twitter , and you can also watch her videos. Cotton is also on the list of BBW adult model with a charming face. Aka Amanda Majestic. Kacey stands 5 feet and 2 inches and can be considered as petite, but her bust size certainly makes up for her small height.

Some of her hobbies are simple and include reading, and if the time allows it, she goes out with friends and eats out. An American pornstar and a camgirl. She is at the chunky side, but her body is just right to hold on to and caress when the going gets intense. But so much for your fantasy boys because Angel is more attracted to the same sex. Her first stint was in when she debuted in modeling for XL Girls and Scoreland. Her current bust size is 34M and has the tag all-natural. Born on January 7, , from Bucharest, Romania.

She started in and still active up to this time. Apart from her modeling career, Alice also does some escort work where she gets some of her earnings from. Alice is a hard worker who considers every day as a fresh opportunity, and she rarely passes off a job thrown her way. Alice has a beautiful blue-green eye color, and she also stands 5 feet and 5 inches. If you are a lover of women with enormous tits, then Kristina is the star you should follow.

Her bust size is 38M, and according to her, it is all-natural, and everything about her is untouched by any needle. Her breast seems to have a mind of its own as it started growing between the age of 14 or But despite the fear of getting ridiculed at school, Micky decided to use it to her advantage.

Micky is considered having a chubby, plump frame, and as of this writing, she weighs lbs and has larger breasts because of her pregnancy. Her cup size is 40K and stands 5 feet 8 inches. She can take all the force and intensity of each fuck and can still smile after. She started posing for porn in Big Tits Curvy Asses in and she launched her official site while still busy filming porn. In , Vanessa appeared in XL Girls with Kristina Milan and Miosotis, and she proudly sashayed her humongous breast for everyone to ogle. She was born December 9, , and very much notable for her 34K bra size.

It was said that she had nothing done on it to enhance it, but that it is all-natural. She started as thin and slim in her career, and after a few bumps and plumps over the year, she posed under the BBW magazine XL where she was also voted Plumper of the Years and Kerry continuously poses for amateur photographers in the UK, and she also has her new website called Officially Kerry Marie.

Also known as Marilyn Milkshake from Oklahoma. She was born July 10, , and her bra size is a whooping 38H. Her height at 5 feet 5 inches may not be able to hold all that heavy stuff, but it seems that Marilyn can take it without worry. Marilyn is a green-eyed beauty, and her performances include Topless, Full Frontal, Pink, Masturbation, Vaginal, Blowjob , among others. Marilyn is known to her colleagues and friends as a go-getter and rarely does she run away from any challenges in her career or personal life. Terry has modeled for Brooke-Lee-Playmates. Terri has now started her site called TerriJaneOfficial.

Her bust size, though, keeps on growing and seems to have a mind of its own during those times. Dors is another busty beauty that you can add on your BBW list. Dors is your kind of a chubby woman with just the right curves and has big boobs to satisfy your craving for one. If you want to see a woman with a body that can take all the ramming and pumping but still with a lot of soft flesh to stand the intensity, then Lisa is the right one for you.

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Top bbws

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