Tinder spanking

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Everyone on Tinder wants to fuck. But how exactly they fuck is another matter entirely and can be accurately predicted from their bio. His bio will also crucially tell you whether he is even worth fucking at all. In those precious characters or less you will know whether he: is prepared to go down you, is terrified of boobs, will only fuck you in doggy and whether he will always come first. You would think, that in the year of our Lord , boys would have stopped posing with fish and would have learned how to sell themselves properly on Tinder by now.

Follow us on Instagram for more sex stories. Been known chase egg. Tries to put it in your bum without asking first. At least you got to grip onto those shoulders. Likes a finger up the bum and is happy to admit it. Loves eye contact. Will fuck you on your period and maybe even prefers it? Pulls your hair just the right amount. See beam me up softboi. Live life to the full. Always up for laugh.

R U Mine? It will be like sex in sixth form. He will put a playlist on. Afterwards you will smoke a cigarette while he talks you through the posters on his the wall. He makes you a lovely cup of tea in morning, almost as a thank you for pulling him out of his dry spell. Will spend time admiring and talking about your pubic hair. Has a well thought out sex persona that fully inhibits him the moment he closes the bedroom door. This character is very well rehearsed. He has sex slow and strategically, nursing it like a fine wine. He will be respectful at first but flick his switch and he will treat you like trash.

Can tie you up in his bed restraints with military precision in mere minutes. Has a neatly organised box of sex toys beneath his bed. Is curious about feet. Looking for someone to go on country walks and drink red wine at the pub with. A post shared by?? Grunty and sweaty. Misses out crucial foreplay; starts off with half-hearted fingering then goes straight to sex. Bloody loves boobs and will grab them like his life depends on it. High fives you at the end. Louis Theroux. And pizza. This man will devour you.

He will shag you in his car, in a nightclub, where-ever you damn well please. You always come first. You will be back. Do not under estimate this king. Gives great cuddles. He keeps his t-shirt on the whole time. Looks terrifyingly deep into your eyes during missionary. Could probably save your life. And you would hope so considering he knows the anatomy well. Starts off slowly but really gets into it. Can have sex multiple times in one night and will always initiate morning sex. May struggle to get it up. Like a piece of meat.

Think Scotty T on Geordie Shore. Spanks you a lot. Young Entrepreneur of the Year He is very happy to be there. Smiles a lot as he thrusts. Overly complimentary; tells you your body looks amazing from every angle. Goes down on you, but pauses to make comments regularly. Moans more than you, which can be off putting.

No duck pouts pls. Dog filters swipe left. Will ask for a tit wank. Wants to come on your face. Basically wants to come anywhere but your vagina. Has watched lots of hardcore porn and expects you to have gymnastic flexibility. Being completely shaved is a requirement. Will lift you up at least once and demands that you sit on his face at some point.

Unfortunately he may struggle to make you come due to the extremely quick turnaround of each position. At least he tried. Follow our Instagram for more sex stories. Exactly how he will have sex with you, according to his Tinder bio Boys who love travelling will not go down on you. Grace Vielma. Or you can listen to the first dates episode right now in the player below. View this post on Instagram.

Tinder spanking

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