Stockings fetish

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Stockings are sexy. Stockings are a constant feature in erotica, pinups, movie star sex symbols, pole dancing, peeler bars, rubber and leather wear, role plays, and porn. They were an absolute standard of early sexy postcards—soft porn—and theater culture. While most men and women love stockings in general, some are uniquely aroused by specific kinds of stockings. Stockings can be used as a lingerie layer during an erotic dance performance burlesque or stripping. They can be used for bondage, to tie up a submissive partner to the bed. They can be used as a blindfold.

They are essential to some foot fetishists—needed to unwrap the erotic object. They are part and parcel for many with a a high heel or shoe fetish. For some with a stocking fetish, the aphrodisiac is in sniffing the stockings. Others sniff the crotch area. Stocking enthusiasts may like all kinds or many kinds of stockings, but many will have a strong preference for one over the others. Nylons or pantyhose came into vogue just before mid last century. Although few women like wearing nylons, finding them uncomfortable, before it was common to wear jeans, yoga pants, or go bare-legged, they were a godsend.

Men thought so too, and pantyhose is an extremely common fetish , especially among older gentlemen. Prior to pantyhose, women wore thigh-high stockings that were clipped with garters to stay up. Some women still prefer this flirtatious look. If you catch a glimpse of the bare flesh of thigh between panties and stockings, with the tiny garters, you are a lucky man indeed. They were essential to the visual impact of early erotic images—French postcards—with showgirls in stockings and lingerie, and sometimes portraying lesbian love or full-on sex acts.

The detail separating Cuban style stockings from the rest is an outline of the foot in black or darker than the stocking, with a seam running up the back legs. Very steamy! Fishnet stockings are just as they sound—a net, with crisscrossing diamonds, often in black. The mesh hose adds a pattern effect to accentuate the legs. Modern day thigh-high socks or full tights come in all kinds of patterns, but striped stockings have become a popular and widespread thing of their own.

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Stockings fetish

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