Shards of eradine game

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Shards of Eradine is a game developed by Cryptid Tech, and like my tag line says. This is a game that ticks that box, almost too well for what it offers. First the positives, the art style is really nice. And barring the final boss, there is little to no grind needed, unless trying to unlock the CGs Computer Graphics, a term coined in Visual Novels for its artwork. Namely with our would-be saviour. Compared to most character des, their super-deformed chibi art style is almost jarring when you see their character portraits.

The prime example being the main protagonist insert name. Aside the slight surprise our protagonist has an actual face in these types of games. But what about the mechanics? The main complaint with the battle system is the animation time between the moves.

As well as certain inconsistencies with the method of interaction, the implementation of a wheel for decision making is great for controllers. But not so much for standard mouse play per se, as well as a few interaction difficulties. At times, the mouse would hover over one of the icons and cause a momentary freak over the two inputs. Also, the lack of information in the UI is painfully bland as well as navigating it. Being very barebones, upon trying to navigate the UI to try and find out what each move did proved to be a hassle.

The only option appearing to be placing the monster you want to check inside a crystal, then trying to take them back out to see what moves they have, and what they do. As well as dialogue being too vague for certain issues, where I contacted one of the developers on Discord to resolve an issue, that I thought was a bug.

And whilst I was reviewing this, they did push out an update that fixed issues. Whilst more could be done, it definitely feels like a 1. The writing remains light-hearted, and should updates in terms of story content be provided. It can flesh it out to be beyond a hour main campaign from my experience. Some of the present tracks are great, to the point I hated going into an encounter because it was only in the middle bit that the song hits its stride. One notable track change that caught my ear was the change from volcano to sewers, the two being very jarring but in a good way.

Last negative to note is the map de being off. In hindsight, I was being blind, kind of. So take what you will, but at least the town feels like a town. This helps give it extra marks, minus a slight weird bug. For instance, two characters decide to have sex in the middle of a impending doomsday. Or better yet, waking up from a long slumber and instead of saving the day you steal some apples and make an apologetic apple pie. But, as a man of culture. They allow the mind to wonder freer than a flowing river, just imagine the sound of a river stream. Slightly better than average, Shards of Eradine is a short but sweet affair of parodying eroge with one-liners.

The artstyle leverages extra points for consistency and strong aesthetics. Shards of Eradine Reviewed on Windows This game is good, with a few negatives. This game was supplied by the publisher or relevant PR company for the purposes of review. articles by Owen. Share this:. Want to like this? the newsletter…. Your comment:. Please send me an when a new comment is added. Game Details. Remember me? Register Forgotten? Sunblaze Review. PowerWash Simulator Update 0. Upcoming Releases. Mini Motorways 20 th July World Wide. Cris Tales 20 th July World Wide. Community Feed.

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Shards of eradine game

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