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Do you still have questions about nudism or naturism? Are you looking for even more tips and tricks? Our ebook will be the perfect resource for you! Become a Patron! Interesting one, and good to see some stuff posted even if nothing is happening around the planet really..

Thank you for this post. I have been a Nudist for a few years now and living in a northern climate the resort season is short so finding a social media outlet has been a priority. Absolutely agree that True Nudist is not helpful despite having tried.

Now with the virus and resorts not opening this season or very limited in activities social media is even more important. As a friend of mine says nude people are happy people and we all need a lot of that right now especially in America.

Thanks for the article. I live in a nudist resort full time and we were only open this last summer to full members because of the COVID issue. I think I will look further into this type of on-line meet-ups. I am a gay 80yonaturist living in a small covid19 free country with a population of just 80k with closed borders and therefore unable to meet my naturist friends. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Only when you frequent nude beaches or visit naturist clubs or resorts, spending time with other nudies, people start considering you a naturist. Being nude at our home has been the case as long as we can remember, long before we got a taste of social nudity.

Some of them have a partner who wants to have nothing to do with naked people. Others live in a country where public nudity is strictly forbidden. Thanks to the internet, we can socialize with pretty much everyone around the world from our living room.

All of our phones have webcams these days, often more than one, so we can actually see each other. Now the main question is: Where to find these other online naturists? Sharing tips for the best nude beaches in France or having a philosophical conversation about the ethics of naturism is not on their menu though. A couple of years ago we discovered the chatbox on the TrueNudists website. Hope soon left again when, being logged on as a couple, suddenly all eyes were on us.

Probably literally. Within minutes, we started receiving messages with requests for private video chats but we just came here for the social aspect? And then the world went in lockdown. The corona pandemic suddenly turned the large majority of naturists into home naturists. We are lucky to spend our quarantine days in a naturist resort in Mexico together with two other naturist couples.

Until the Meandering Naturist published a blog post about his first nude Zoom meetup. What do you talk about? Are you nude as soon as you turn on the webcam? Do we have to consider the angle of our legs? What if the other side of the line has different expectations, how weird would that be? When thinking about it now, several weeks later, we realize that our doubts about online naturist meetups are similar to the ones we had when we first visited a naturist resort.

One of the reasons why we came to that realization is again The Meandering Naturist. Not because of his blog post, but because of an e-mail which he would send us a week later. Just like ourselves, Dan Carlson travels a lot to naturist destinations. We always tried to meet up, but something always got in the way. Now, being both locked up at our respective homes, Dan thought that it might be a good idea to meet online. Only the that the battery level of our computer was running dangerously low made us realize that we had been chatting for almost three hours.

Our first successful virtual naturist meeting. But still, not all doubts had disappeared. Our evening with the Carlsons was a very specific case. Even without having met before, it did seem like we already knew each other. Then there were only 5 people, divided among two webcams. Like the one that made us wake up at am, one week later.

We had met Gregers about two years ago in his naturist resort in Bangkok. Other than running two naturist resorts in Thailand, Gregers is also one of the founding members of the Thai Naturist Federation. Ever since we met, we stayed in touch and regularly exchange long e-mails about naturist topics. Given the 12 hour time difference, we were expected to at 7 am. Do we really want to wake up at such a horrible hour, to spend our first coffee of the day with about 30 strangers? Like so many times before, our curiosity won from our prejudices. We had taken the first step towards online naturism, now we had to try it all.

Again, our prejudices were ungrounded. Unlike the bunch of headless men at the TrueNudists chat box, what we found here were all friendly faces. Men, women and couples from different parts of the world, all engaging in interesting conversations ranging from naturism to the coronavirus to the usage of make-up in Asia and the great nature in Australia.

Once again, minutes went by as if they were seconds and soon only our cup of coffee made us realize that it was still early morning. Also British Naturism has a calendar filled with online naturist events. Fitness, meditation, chats, panel discussions and even naked laughter yoga no idea what that is, but it does sound like fun.

The naturist club has gone virtual. What will happen with these great initiatives when people are allowed to leave their homes again? Personally, we still prefer real-life naturism over virtual naturism. But thanks to our friends we did learn that online naturism with genuine intentions is not only possible but also quite fun. When the quarantines are lifted, there will still be many home naturists, for ly mentioned reasons. Now that they finally have a safe place and new opportunities to share their lifestyle with others, it would be a shame if that disappears together with the virus.

One very important aspect of online naturism is moderation. The participants need to feel safe being nude among others. But casual online meetups can easily be moderated, by the organizer or volunteers. Every medal has two sides. Changing times create space for new opportunities. Maybe the corona crisis will end up in the naturist history books as the time when home naturism also became a form of social nudity. Support Naked Wanderings Do you like what we do for naturism and naturists? Did we make you laugh or cry? Did we help you find the information you were looking for? Then definitely our Patreon community!

I am a gay 80yonaturist living in a small covid19 free country with a population of just 80k with closed borders and therefore unable to meet my naturist friends Reply. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. In Sesame street they love cookies, press OK if you're also fine with them.


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