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If i may , I'd like to add that if you have pictures stored in imageshack you can copy the html code from there and paste too your edit profile.. If you'd like to see examples of what I've done , please feel free to check my profile great topic. OMG Thank you I will try this today!!!! Muah, muah, muah!!! The way you explained this rocks Thanks for the tutorial. You saved my butt today! Thanks so much. Make sure if your using photobucket to use the direct link code. I've tried doing what you said Shirley but it isn't working I dont know what to do.

Using "in-code" css can style-up nicely any basic html code. There are a few aspects that requires a little more html-css knowledge but the result can be amazing. I work in this niche for some time now and I must admit, the above article is most then helpful.

Szandora Edit Profile, About Me section or one of the sections from that . EstherRay From the above article, copy only the code, the bold text between must have an value. Thank you!!!!! Can you use photos from normal folder or do you have to use photo sites like Photobucket? Still finding this a little overwhelming as I've never tried coding at all. Is the tip me offline button classed as a link? LilithLips all image elements need to be hosted ed online. And Photobucket is a "no no no" DIY - use any image editor to create the graphics, them online and add them in your bio To group a set of images is a bit more complex but not overwhelming.

Pay someone to do the job so you don't have too. This is so amazing! Thank you so much for putting forth the time to help so many of us to build our business s. Are you just curious about how paysites are made? There are many reasons and uses to have a pay area on your site.

I'm gonna show you how to put some cool effects on your MFC profile using css and html codes. To make your link image change when you scroll over it with your cursor: If you look at my MFC profile you'll see that I have a image that links to my amazon wishlist that looks like this, but when you scroll over it, it changes to this, What you want to do is add this css code in th [ This is a check list I put together for new models on MFC when adding information to their profile.

If you can think of anything else that would be good to put on the list, please add it in the comments section. Links Two of the most important links you need to include in your MFC profile are to your twitter and to leave an offline tip. Twitter is awesome advertising and is a m [ Some tips: DON'T use images as backgrounds if you don't have the cointainer boxes active. They distract from the text and make your profile look messy, so go for a cool background with cointainers OR a photo aligned to the left and a plain background so that the text is readable OR a plain background DO use very contrasting colors for the background and text DON'T use Comic Sans Feel free to ignore the tips since I am in no way a graphic deer or a web deer or a programmer!

It's just my opinion on what makes profiles look tidy and readable This site: www. Does anyone make CB profiles? I can't do HTML. I need help. Related Posts How to make a paysite with WordPress. Want to write an article or get interviewed? Contact Tristan.

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