Kissing fetish

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Install the app. Would it be normal for someone to have a fetish for kissing? Thread starter Guy Start date Jun 29, Tags kissing. By continuing to use this site you are confirming that you are at least 18 years of age. Forums General Topics Sexy Stuff. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Status Not open for further replies. Guy Deactivated . CrashPad Banhammered. Jan 31, 37 25 8. What is "normal"? Feb 7, 7, 36, New Orleans, LA www. Fetishes are kind of by definition 'abnormal' sexual things There's definately a market for make out videos If you are into something and worried if it's normal ask yourself instead - is what im into hurting anyone?

Is it 'sane'? Is it impacting my life in a negative way? If it's not causing a negative impact in your life or anyone elses Oct 5, 1, 1, Guy said:. Click to expand Reactions: Osyrus. Bocefish I did bad things, privileges revoked! In the Dog House. Mar 26, 8, 7, Usually somewhere between flippant and glib. May 8, 1, 1, NY. OliSunny Cam Model. The limit between "just a thing for" and "a fetish" is that a fetish is something like an obsession, without it you can't reach orgasm. Binet said that normai love afterall is a complex kind of fetichism. Violet Dawn Cam Model. Are you interchanging "fetish" for "turn on?

Reactions: Gen. CurvyJ Cam Model. Ive had a client with a fetish for kissing She literally paid my husband and I to make out Reactions: Violet Dawn. Aug 7, 17 8 1. Kissing my husband is what brings in most of our viewers on cb so far.

I am totally cool with it, but it did surprise me. Reactions: CurvyJ. Mental note make out with husband more. Reactions: MiaJay Luna Belle said:. Reactions: Smores. OliSunny said:. I was really talking about fetish, not turn on. If we think a "fetish" is something like a sexual obsession, then probably any fetish wouldn't be normal. My comment was directed at the original post. Jun 27, 1, Vae Drennan.

I think you're meaning "turn on", not "fetish", but others have explained the difference at length. It's very normal for kissing to be a turn on. I've actually had orgasms from long kissing sessions before not "big" ones but still. It doesn't have to be a fetish to be something you enjoy.

Lelo1 said:. I LOVE that movie, and immediately thought of that scene too. Smores said:. That looks about as appealing as playing jenga while having sex. The whole movie is great. Seriously it's one of those movies worth seeing.

Is there a free copy online somewhere? Point us to it and I would love to have a peek. Not sure where you can watch it legaly for free. But they do sell it on amazon as the Tampopo The Criterion Collection. The blue-ray is remastered 4k. Ah, so this is a movie about perfecting a craft and perfectionism in general? The bizarre orgasm sequence passing the egg back and forth is just some random scene from a movie that is primarily not about sexual relationships? Does anyone have this available on a pay per view basis? Reactions: Lelo1. Of course! I mean, "normal" is highly subjective, but there's definitely nothing wrong about it.

I actually had an ex who had this fetish. They would get extremely turned on from making out and would even masturbate to videos of girls making out. I can totally understand this fetish too - kissing is so intimate and it looks and feels great.

Oct 30, 59 61 21 New Orleans, LA www. Show hidden low quality content. Similar thre. Looking for a moderator on CB. Replies 16 Views Locked Question Is it Normal to charge extra in pvt?

Kissing fetish

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