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Like us to stay up to date with the AskMeFast community and connect with other members. Answered Unanswered. Visitors to this also searched for:. S means in kik Kik chat status meanings an s permanently Kik r d s Kik symbl. What would you like to ask? Please check and try again. This is NOT abusive. I pressed this button by accident. It is offensive or harmful. It does not contain enough information. It contains or requests illegal information. It does not make sense. Consumer Electronics.

Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. What does the kik messenger symbols mean? What does the d, the s, and the r, mean in kik messenger? Asked by: Antwan. by Google. This site is best viewed while logged in. Top Solutions. D is delivered s sent r received which means they read it Add your answer.

Anonymous Was this answer helpful? Yes No. Someone said: thanks for the help! Was this comment helpful? Someone said: Is there a difference between the faded D and the dark D? Someone said: What does the play mean? This answer closely relates to:. Someone said: whats the difference between delivered and sent. Someone said: Delivered means the person you sent it to got it. Sent means that you have sent the message but it was not delivered to the persons kik. Someone said: Sent is when u or the person your sending to has bad Internet and can't get on Kik, or has logged out or has deleted the app.

Hope this helps, -Em age; Imcool said: what is the difference between a lightly shaded D and a Darkly shaded D? Someone said: Lightly shaded d means you are blocked. Someone said: Sent means it got to the server and delivered means it got to their phone. It has a When it is sending.

Anonymous " will only appear when the message is delivered for iphone Also there is a faded D intead of a normal D for delivered. When texting an iphone user this means they opened the app but not the conversation. R - conversation opened by the one you texted. Technically, Kik cannot tell when a message is read. Kik Support s refer to this but do not explain it very clearly. Someone said: This is true. Anonymous 5.

S sending R read d delivered. Anonymous 1. It works thanks I dost know great. Anonymous "But there is a difference between a d in black and But there is a difference between a D in black and a light transparent D It means delivered,sent ,and read. Anonymous 0. What is the d is light. D delivered S sent R read. I sent message it had an s next to it I deleted conversation changed my mind will they still get it.

Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? Anonymous "It should popup a little program with letters and s. To make a love on facebook, first you hit start and type charmap in run. It should popup a little program with letters and s. Select wingdings and you should see all different kinds of symbol you can choose from as well as the love heart.

Symbols are emoticons and you can access them by smiley faces and just type into the text box while you are typing at BBM, and you can have more by pressing symbol key or by browsing and some people have more addition application for blackberry they installed that software for providing more symbol and if they used jusy ones and symbol are included in BBM by default.

When you are using the messenger then you type something in the text boxes and press the send button so that the other person on the messenger can recieve the message. Jason Gagnon. Just like on every other chatting platform used for desktop computers, Blackberry messenger has a way to tell you if the contact name from your list is actually online and available or not.

Also, if your message has been read it will appear marked with a "R" which also means that the person is available. The status is meant for you to consider it before starting a conversation with a person. John Russel. There are different cool symbols for blackberry messenger. But, you will need to download the symbols first to use these blackberry messenger funky symbols.

You will log into your , and then, you will need to visit the appstore. In the appstore, you will find many cool symbol for blackberry. You will need to choose symbols for blackberry messenger and then you can use them. Anonymous "Symbols in whatsapp messenger to express yourself The symbols on the blackberry screen have various useful purpose to alert the user or update him for anything new for example if a new voice mail comes then the voice mail symbol comes blinking. The easy ones first. You can snag the heart , club, diamond and spade simply by copying these symbols and pasting them into an and sending it to your device.

Then edit your name in Blackberry Messenger , type in your AutoText. Someone said: does anyones know wat litlle bbm white square with blue dot mean with but name cross?? Sukiejal said: What does the little sideways triangle mean next to a friends name where S D R normally is? One with a darker d and one with a light d I would like to know what the difference is.

Someone said: yes I was asking the same thing. Add Your Answer What does the kik messenger symbols mean? Can there be a delay in the R showing up after you send your message? I have sent messages and the r might show up 20 minutes later and wanted to know if this is possible if noone is using the phone. Anonymous "In a text or instant message what do they mean? When someones says "trade db" in a text or instant message what do they mean? What it says Anonymous "On kik messenger On KIK messenger, what does the D mean when it is faded?

This discussion closely relates to:. Anonymous "On kik messenger the d for delivered is sometimes bold and sometimes faded On KIK messenger the d for delivered is sometimes bold and sometimes faded. I want to know why. Anonymous "So later i send another message and they read it and that What does it mean if it has On my kik , I was talking to someone and they got my message and it had an r, so I knew they had read it.

They answered, but the next time I sent a message, it stayed at d, and they never "read" it. So later I send another message and they read it and that message had a r, but the one didn t, it was still a d. So it had all my read messages then one d and another one they read after,like this:r r r r r r d r. What does this mean? That they never got it? Anonymous "Whats the difference between the light d and the Whats the difference between the light D and the dark D on kik app?

On kik their is different shades of the letter D, D means delivered but their is a light D, a Medium shade D and then a really Dark D, can you explain this to me? Anonymous "Disconnected on kik? Shaded d and oops this person is disconnected on Kik? I sent my bf a message and it went to the shaded d but after awhile it says oops this person has been disconnected..

Kik rds

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