How to spot a cuckold

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You can follow him on Twitter if you are so inclined. A husband of an adulterous wife. In evolutionary biology, the term is also applied to males who are unwittingly investing parental effort in offspring that are not genetically their own. In short, being a cuckold is not a desirable position for any self-respecting masculine man to find himself in. Also in recent years, the term has been broadened in use to describe men who are perceived to be weak, effeminate, seemingly derive pleasure from being laughed at or humiliated, or are supportive of policies which are counter-productive to Western civilization and the traditional family unit.

People on the alt-left hate how right-wing masculine men denigrate people as cucks, because they usually exhibit several of the follow behaviors and traits. All things which are forged through trial-and-error and years of experience. In short, it is utterly ridiculous as to why men would want to firmly cement a relationship with an older woman via marriage. To be fair, men who marry suitable partners that are only barely older than themselves, like Prince William marrying Kate Middleton , are exemptions from being branded as cucks.

Have no self-respect? Bingo nights are probably a good place to find a single or widowed woman about her age. This is probably the easiest way for a man to cuck himself, since absolutely no association or contact with the opposite sex is required, and beta and omega males tend to not be particularly choosy in how and whom with they spend their valuable time. His home was supposed to be his fortress and citadel. A sanctuary of family respect and authority after enduring at least 40 hours a week of acquiescing to the authority of someone else his boss or corporate overlords.

A true cuck will let his wife scold, berate, and verbally humiliate him in his home. Well, that all depends. Or at least a Cambodian or a Laotian or something! Especially when it comes to the modern family unit…. Ah, a true cuck classic! In the event he does not slightly uncuck himself by having his own offspring with said single mother, her genes will still potentially weather all storms and carry on through the ages via her biological children, while his will simply wither and die in an instant on the day of reckoning.

All the burdens of fatherhood, yet with no small part of him which will carry on past the grave. No future legacy to pass on. Why let an otherwise happy and stable relationship go to waste? Or at least let her get on Tinder and have a fling with one of those gym junkies with washboard abs and massive pecs once in awhile.

Better yet, the Jewish-dominated pornography industry has the best idea of all! Let your presumably white wife fornicate with a well-built black man in your own bedroom, while you sit back in your sportsball jersey and listen to your spouse constantly belittle you. She will love it. In fact, the only thing that can make this scenario even better is if she gets pregnant from the encounter, and you wind up raising the mixed-race child as your own offspring while baby-daddy goes off on his merry way.

How sweet is that! He does not marry older women or single mothers, and has raised 5 attractive biological children. Because that man is a monster! Home About Archives Culture Masculinity. Culture Comments. John Carver. Sportsball YEAH!!! Send this to a friend Your Recipient Send Cancel.

How to spot a cuckold

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6 s You Could Be a Cuckold