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Is there a glory hole near me? Some of my sordid Gloryhole stories can be seen here. I find Gloryhole locations beyond exciting. Porn is blasting on the private screen and you have a buffet of cocks at your disposal. You can suck and fuck as much as you want anonymously and be covered in cum, minus any judgement.

Consisting of a hole situated at waist height, the idea was for gay men to al each other and engage in anonymous sex to get around anti-gay laws. Gloryholes are not isolated to modern times. Interestingly, they can be traced back to England in the 18th Century. As police officers with nothing better to do led a surveillance operation on places deemed to be meeting points for homosexuals, they discovered a horror far worse than their wives answering them back: Gloryholes! Little did I know that I would grow up to be a glory hole slut and well-accomplished glory hole finder.

These days, local glory holes in Europe, America, and beyond have by no means gone away. Additionally, Gloryhole porn is a massively popular niche for gay, straight, and bi folk alike. So read on for the ultimate guide to finding Gloryhole locations near me and you! Prior to the growth of the internet, being a good glory hole finder consisted of a lot of hard work. You either had to have your ear to the ground to pick up the latest gossip or do some fieldwork by visiting various adult shops or porn cinemas to see if they had any.

The latter method is a traditional one I still stick to. But not all of us are able to dedicate the time to follow such methods when it comes to how to find a Gloryhole. Craigslist brings back a lot of memories of when I was trying to find a glory hole near me. I was using it for sleazy hookups long before apps like Tinder and Adult Friend Finder came along. I have a fondness for its unflattering black and white directory style.

It was a great place to find a local Glory Hole. However, it has seen better days in comparison to other sites on this list. Hence, Craigslist is relegated to the last place of our Gloryhole Finder but it would be wrong not to include this former powerhouse of Gloryhole locations. In its heyday, Craigslist was home to multiple featuring private and public gloryholes as well as potential gloryhole partners in crime.

But they can still be found subtly advertised if you look hard enough. In recent years, a growing of swingers clubs across Europe and the U. A began adding Gloryholes to their swinging play areas. Soon, it was a standard feature of any self-respecting swingers establishment. These swinging Gloryholes have a more fun and relaxed atmosphere around them than say, a public Gloryhole.

The latter being defined by discretion and forbidden thrill. Oh Reddit, my dear friend. And finding a glory hole near me is no exception. In addition to an array of Gloryhole porn subreddits, the forum is also home to a of dedicated Gloryhole listings that are regularly updated. The various NSFW subreddits featuring their own Gloryhole list have largely taken over from where Craigslist left off. This is because Reddit is a lot more interactive and gives the ability for Gloryhole enthusiasts to discuss locations, tell stories, and leave their Gloryhole reviews. Yes, they still very much exist.

Porn cinemas are one of my all-time favourite old school sex institutions. They are still immensely popular amongst gay, straight, and bi singles and couples. Aside from voyeurism and group sex opportunities, any good porn kino will be fitted with a of Gloryholes. These are often separated into private cubicles with a lockable door. Inside there is usually a seat, a floor pad for you to rest your knees, and a small screen playing hardcore porn.

Get comfortable, and before long a cock will appear or a willing mouth will beckon you forward on the other side. You then advertise the Gloryhole on fetish sites or dating apps, with common sense applied, and wait for the cocks to appear. You can make your own private Gloryhole from a range of materials. It can consist of anything from a bedsheet with a hole hung over a doorframe to a piece of cut to measure MDF with an appropriate hole cut inside.

The latter is for the more creative amongst you and is worth the extra effort. Personally, I know a few girls and guys who are passionate about Gloryholes and decided to make their own as a way to enjoy cock through a physical barrier throughout Covid. From bedsheets to Dutch Doors, there is a good article on Medium that covers a few ideas on making your own Gloryhole at home.

Like many things, there is a downside to this method. It will often consist of a total stranger incoming into your house. Dedicating a website in the quest to cover every known Glory Hole location on earth is far from an easy task. So those who put maximum effort into doing so in order to provide sexual pleasure for others should be commended. In my downtime, I was curious about the sex scene in this very quaint town. Upon stumbling across the site, I was amazed that they had indeed covered three mixed gloryholes and one gay glory hole near me. The black and red colour scheme of the site just oozes sleaze.

Using your general current location, it pulls in various Gloryhole locations in your area. You can set the map radius to find ones closer to home, but I choose to leave it wide so I can peruse the various Gloryholes with the option of making a trip there in future. Additionally, like any good Gloryhole websites should have, Hole Hunter has a few dedicated guides to the whole Gloryhole scene.

These are basic but cover everything you need to know from Gloryhole etiquette, general rules for dogging ang cruising, and the different types of Gloryholes that exist. Anything with so many dedicated community resources is bound to have a website forum or two dedicated to it. Luckily, the humble Gloryhole has a few sites which class themselves as a dedicated Glory hole locator. There are many dedicated forums I could review, but that would require a dedicated article.

With a huge U. It has dedicated forums for private gloryholes, public Gloryhole locations, and public sex hotspots and dogging locations. It also has active forums covering amateur Gloryhole pictures, true Gloryhole sex stories, and a general discussion area for first-timers and veteran Gloryhole visitors to discuss this amazing fetish.

For those of you who are gay, bi, or simply curious, then gay bathhouses and saunas are often a great place to find a local Gloryhole with a lot of traffic. These are places for men to relax, socialize, and have naughty fun in built-for-purpose play areas. No self-respecting gay sauna would not be fitted with Gloryholes. And last but by no means least when it comes to finding a glory hole near me, are sex shops and adult arcades.

With a simple bit of online research beforehand, you can often find which adult stores have an adult arcade attached. Often cosnsiting of a small room for people to watch porn and masturbate, they often come with a Gloryhole surprise! These pleasure holes may have been added by the see shop officially or unnofically by patrons themselves. Beat that! Everyone knows of my adoration for Gloryholes. First off, do your research.

Not all Gloryholes are the same. Some are not as safe as others. Leave your valuables at home if visiting a public Gloryhole for the first time. For oral, use common sense and if you see something that looks wrong, opt out. These type of places can be found across Europe and the U. I hope you all found some useful tips in my Gloryhole guide and found your ideal method for where to find a Gloryhole near you. If you had any great experiences at the hole after using this guide, feel free to share with me on Reddit or drop a comment.

Have to fun everyone, play safe, and I hope to hear all of your Gloryhole stories! I recently wrote a guide detailing 10 ways to find your nearest Gloryhole. However, the pandemic has seen the bulk of Gloryhole locations temporarily closed for safety […]. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. in. Log into your . Forgot your password? Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Recover your password.

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Glory holes locations

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