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The game has both modes such as Single-player and Multiplayer, and offers the comic-style gameplay. The player starts the game by selecting the playable character from available and customizes it using the individual character creation system. During the game, the player enjoys the funny missions and can go against other stars in PvP mode, while in GvG mode, the player can go against other studios to show off his abilities. The player can team up with other stars from all over the world and show who the boss is.

The game uses the turn-based combat system, enabling the player to compete against another player from a side-scroll perspective and struggle to earn money to conquer the land and expand the studio for fame. The game starts with the player choosing his playable character from available and modifying his appearance using several combinations. Once the customization of the player character has completed, the player can go on an epic adventure to battle against strange beasts in turn-based combat system.

The character of the player is armed with a basic sword and a shield which can be updated using experience points. In the beginning, the player may start the game in the training session, where he will learn new moves, and tricks about how to prevent enemy attack. Other locations on the map where the game takes place, has unlocked to explore. During the turn, the player must attack the player using the mighty sword to kill and claim the coins to upgrade the weapons and shield.

The game becomes challenging as the player advances through the story. It takes place in the wonderful world invaded by a blood thirsty gang who destroy the peace and kill the people. You assumes the role of the hero, and your ultimate task is to create your army of four characters, learn various skills, equip them with weapons and battle against villains to restore peace. Explore the world from a side-scroll perspective, command your army throughout levels and defeat them to take all their territories.

There are different characters such as Tamer, Tachi, Gunner, Barmaid, etc. You have to conquer over sixty locations to become the hero. With impressive gameplay, addictive gameplay, and touch controls, Brutal Street is the wonderful game to play. The game mixes beat-em-up, role-playing and real-time strategy elements to offer a unique gaming experience. It takes place in the town of Palmton invaded by zombies and you assumes the role of the protagonist, who must lead his heroes to take down zombies and save your land.

There are different character classes available and you can choose one of them to start the game. Command a team of four members and struggle to fight against zombies, earn XP points and use them to unlock additional items in the game. There are several levels available and each level offers a set of tasks that you must complete at any cost to restore the peace.

It has a thrilling story, in which power-thirsty creatures has controlled the mortal world and threatened their people. The world and its inhabitant needs the heroes who save them from these thirty creatures.

You assumes the role of the Hero and you ultimate task is to fight against enemies, and defeat them to restore the peace. In the start of the game, you must build your team of four heroes each with unique abilities and powers. Explore the levels from a side-scroll perspective and struggle to take down Nun creatures to earn XP points and use them to upgrade your team, equipment and heroes.

The game features more than forty missions including several levels where you can experience over 3 boss fights, and over real-time battles. The game takes place in the medieval-themed fantasy world invaded by monsters, bosses and enemies. Your ultimate task is to create your team of heroes and effort to slay monsters, battle against massive bosses, and lead your army throughout different stages to become the hero.

You assumes the role of the commander, and have to command four heroes team in battlefield. Each character has its unique abilities, skills and a set of weapons. You needs to make strategies, move your armies in the right position and take down monsters to earn points. With immersive gameplay, attractive soundtracks, stunning environment and touch controls, Battle Heroes is the best game to play. In the story, an alien faction is threatened the space and you are selected to battle against.

Your ultimate task is to command a team of heroes throughout a variety of levels against aliens and defeat those using weapons and different tools. In the beginning, you can find your perfect team by testing out various team combinations. More than hundred distinct items like laser swords, blasters, and more. Different pets are also included in the game to assist your team. Try it out. The game brings an exciting story for RPG lovers and puts the player in the role of the protagonist. According to the story, the protagonist set out himself to find his father who has been disappeared.

The ship of the protagonist crashed and landing on a strange island filled with monster. He is accompanied by a trusty pet, who is a chicken and his ultimate task is to explore the world from a side-scroll perspective. Upon awaken, the player and his pet discovers a unique creatures, who are ready to attack them.

The player needs to depend enemy attack, and use various tools to kill them. The game rewards the player with points that the player can use to unlock further content in the game. He has to kill monsters in real-time battle, revolving around turn-based elements. The player receives points for kill and can upgrade his character, pet, and tools to progress further in the game to become the master.

Team Monster is the best game to play and enjoy. There is a beautiful world where the game takes place and populated with heroes, villains, friends, foes, and goblins. You assume the role of the hero and you have to select a team of four characters to start the battle against enemies, and monsters.

Each character has its unique abilities, weapons and personality. There are a series of levels and numerous monsters await in each level. Up to equipment are available to collect and equip. The game offers an exciting gameplay that you have never experienced before. In the game, you can command up to four cat heroes to fight against vicious cats who threaten the world. Each cat offers unique skills, abilities and a set of weapons. Through customization, you can change the appearance of your team using multiple options.

The game features more than items, and 90 powerful skills. There are several levels and you must perform well to complete the requirement to progress through the game. You can unlock further content, power-ups, and outfits using points and become an ultimate hero. With impressive gameplay, brilliant features, and excellent mechanics, WildCats: Blade is the best game to play and enjoy. The game offers cartoon style Role-playing elements and takes place in the magic world. There are up to eight professions such as Merchant, Armory, Academy, Tavern and more.

It has more fifty levels and each level offers challenging tasks to complete. In the beginning, the player plays as priest and knight, after gaining enough points he can hire powerful heroes like Barbarian, Amazon, CrazyWarrior, Assassin, and more. Each character has its unique abilities and skills that the player can use against ten powerful bosses. The player control a team of four members and his objective is to fight against monsters using weapons and earn points to unlock upgrades, equipment and more. With impressive gameplay, brilliant mechanics, touch controls and wonderful graphics, Hero Gladiator is the best game to play and enjoy.

The game takes place in the fantasy world and lets you create a party of unique heroes each with specific abilities and command them in the battle against vicious monsters. There are a variety of levels and you must fulfill certain tasks to complete each level. Each character in the game has its unique attributes and equipped with unique weapons that can be used to slaughter enemies.

You can participate in real-time battles to gain experience by defeating monsters using multiple powers. You can control the soldiers of your team using simple touch controls and can customize each character using multiple combinations. The game features more than unique items to gather and equip around over thirty level campaigns. It is the sequel to the Mutant Fighting Cup game with advanced features but the same gameplay. Throughout the time, the player has to train his monsters and win the monster championship in turn-based strategy battles.

The player has to take onto monstrous opponents, and powerful bosses worldwide, and all these rivals will always keep the player on toes. The player can select a dog or cat as a helping unit and train them for the thrilling combats. The game offers the player to use mutant genes and change the breed to gain new abilities. There are various genes available, so the player can mix and match different genes to unlock strange combinations. Only the right combination is not enough; the player needs skills and power-ups to win the tournaments. The player can challenge his friends in player-vs-player mode and win trophies to be the first on the leaderboard.

The game offers a thrilling story revolves around the protagonist named as Sonny, who returns from the dead with no memories of his past and discovers himself caught between the horrific conflict between the mysterious force and the endless hordes of monsters. The primary objective of the protagonist is to save the world with the assist of some unlikely allies and find his destiny. It is an action, and turn-based game with RPG focused gameplay where you can unlock and combine various effects of new abilities and skills is needed to defeat enemies. There are a variety of levels, and each level requires a completion of certain objectives.

As the game progresses, it becomes challenging to play. The game takes place in the world Asgar, which is in need of warriors who is capable of facing the worth of god and restore the peace. You have an opportunity to assume the role of the protagonist, who is a hero and your primary objective is to fight enemies with Karin and Evan to rescue the world and achieve victory.

There are hundreds of heroes available and each hero has its unique abilities, fighting styles and skills. It has multiple quests available and you must select your hero, customize it, and get out yourself on adventure to rank your level up. During the gameplay, you can customize the formation of your team and manage their skills to make strategies for upcoming battles. Seven Knights is the best game to play. The game has both Single-player and Multiplayer modes, and it revolves around evolution and creativity using the unique controls. In the game, there are two different meteors such as blue and red.

Blue meteor provides the player more DNA while red makes a variety of creatures to go crazy.

Games like big bang empire

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Games Like Big Bang Empire