Fuck boy names

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With Freddie. And Olivia. Creative, well done. Is it Kem? No probably not. Is it Marcel? Getting warmer. If only we could have six of you, right? Granted, no-one was talking about Aidans much a couple of years ago. Then along came Poldark and James Bond-favourite Aidan Turner, and the Aidans of the world realised that their time was upon them. The Great. Seriously though, everyone called Amir has fierce, brooding eyes, and usually a good face of stubble to match. Andrew is going to treat you right, and you know it.

Ant, Tony, or Anthony, we all know this guy will get you going. You just want him in your pAnthonys. Wavey hair, great rig, expensive sunglasses and a tight T-shirt to match. He will look exactly like his mum, and bring her up too much on first date. In teen American films, the handsome-but-mean one that everyone fancies is always called Brad. Also, Brad Pitt. Charlie is cheeky, and probably really good in bed. Back in your rebellious school years, you always imagined yourself going out with someone called Conor.

He probably even skated. Conrad probably smokes a cigar and knows how to tie 28 different types of knots. Daniel to his Mum, Dan to the l, this guy is a full on all-rounder. He went to a really good uni like Durham or Bristol, but also has time to play a decent game of football.

David Beckham, the second-most attractive man in the world. David Gandy, the most attractive man in the world. David Attenborough, the most attractive voice in the world. In the smoking area at a midweek Indie night, everyone asks where his partner in crime Ant is, and he always tells them to fuck off.

He writes songs, drinks too much coffee, has a little cry every now and again and goes on holiday to Whitby to cleanse his soul. A refined gent quaffing whiskey sours with one hand, stroking his beard and straightening his velvet blazer. Oh Dominic, you are so smooth. Dominic will take care of you, treat you right and still fuck you really hard. Remember Ed, Edd and Eddy? He wears a polo neck and drinks flat whites and re.

He re. In Fabian has an interesting ancestry — half Irish half Australian, or something. You stopped listening. F inn probably wears skinny jeans and smokes rollies. We like Finn. When we asked you what the most attractive name in the world was last year, Freddie won with flying colours. Can he do it again? Like the archangel, Gabriels are sent from heaven to please the eyes of ladies everywhere. A kingly name for the king of all names. Erm, Orwell? There are lo of really fit Georges, we swear.

A heath is a shrubland habitat characterised by open, low-growing woody vegetation and, like its namesake, Heath is a gentle, pure name which rolls off the tongue. What do you picture when you picture a Heath? Both are deeply satisfying, like the name itself. Every friendship circle requires a member called James. Yeah, we thought not. Joel is heavily involved in musical theatre, and will happily make sweet love to you in the greenroom. You just want to ruffle his hair and tell him not to be so miserable.

Then you want to shag him. Probably North European, probably tall, probably good with his hands. A real tasty treat of a name, and not just because he shares it with a delicious lunch establishment. Leon knows how to dress, where to dance, and how to sweep you off your feet. No, sorry not the French kind. Yeah I guess I am pretty boring. Yeah, Geography, in my second year. Well, we split up last year, but we like to keep in touch. Hey, where are you going? He whines a bit too much, and has a bit of a sappy face.

He sounds like a French king, and he acts like one too. A solid Christian name, for a solid English gent. Max is a name that screams power, wealth, old money. No, Owen is the thinking Welshman — eloquent, level-headed and with a voice as soft as Trefriw wool. Determined to be boring by day, he gets loose as fuck at night. Rory can open a stiff jar lid, or change a flat tyre, or start a fire with nothing more than twigs.

Stick with Rory. A vintage bicycle, leather satchel, striped scarf, slightly demure gaze behind those round glasses and scruffy pushed back hair. A real take him home to your mum kinda guy — until he comes out that is. Little does she know, he has a very naughty side. Bet he strokes his chin when he thinks seriously about things. Oh, Tom. Cheers to actually making friends this year. There are two new movies about Bundy coming, which will no doubt glamourise his crimes once again.

Freddie won last year. The Tab. Izzy Schifano. In the wise words of Gretchen Wieners, ex-boyfriends are just off-limits to friends. Gather around the fire pit and enjoy these 39 memes about Love Island so far Hayley Soen. Only the one less lonely girl could remember all these classic Justin Bieber music videos Izzy Schifano.

Fuck boy names

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Fuckboy names