Footfetish stories

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The Shoe Store Category: Fetish. Total 0 votes. She came into his shoe store a few minutes before closing time. It had been a tough day and he was tired. He was about to snap at her, something cold and impersonal like, "Lady, the store closes in 5 minutes. She was a petite woman, barely 5 feet tall. She carried herself with a quiet confidence and radiant sexuality. And maybe it was because she was wearing a short leather skirt that hugged her hips, and a skimpy form fitting leather vest on top, nothing underneath. Category: Fetish.

I was bored in a lecture staring at the screen hoping Dr Allen would finish his droning on. I played with my flats dangling them of one foot then the other not really thinking about the lecture. As I copied down a few words I returned to zoning out thinking of going into town to buy some stuff afterwards. Sarah stood in the shade of the thatch-roofed picnic shelter, sipping on a diet coke as she spitefully contemplated how her weekend had been completely ruined.

After two continuous weeks of stressful work, she had been relishing this much needed weekend to herself. That was until Friday night, when a dreaded phone call from her cheerily coercive mother had ended all her hope of relaxation. Two years, they had been together. Two years of wasted emotion, compromises, and plans. Hell, they hadn't really started making love until these last few months, and that's why he had thought she was the one. His digital SLR snapped in the silence of the hotel room. I held my pose, wondering how honest I should be. There's nothing more gratifying than watching a man lick his cum off your stocking feet.

Especially if he has begged you for the privilege of putting it there in the first place. I love the feeling of power as I look down upon him enthusiastically performing an act that some would consider humiliating. Most men won't even consider eating their own cum, but here mine is greedily lapping up his spend from my nylon encased toes. Andrea and I have been friends for almost ten years. We met when she started dating a friend of mine. Andrea was fresh out of high school then and the first thing I noticed were her flawless sized seven and a half feet.

Being that we live in Florida, Andrea was always wearing flip flops and showing off her amazing feet. Andrea is a beautiful girl besides just her feet. Category: BDMS. It began at dinner. The humor and banter of table conversation was punctuated by her meaningful glances and ificant smiles. She wove her emotional cocoon around his mind slowly and carefully, channeling the conversation in the direction she sought, teasing and seducing him with voice as well as words.

If it weren't for her long, lanky legs I would probably be the new sales manager, in fact, well on my way to the top instead of here, on the bottom, as it were. As it turned out, I missed the advancement because of a simple good deed. On the way to my office I stopped to help the new employee.

And because of that one altruistic act, my career took a sudden and ificant turn, a definite lowering in stature. My position now is quite different than the one I thought I was getting, but, all in all, I have to admit that it turns out to have a few advantages. The day my wife asked me about her using a strap on kind of got my attention and not really in a great way. Like most guys the thought of something like that just never entered my head. I asked her where she got the idea thinking it was the HBO series Real sex but she just told me it was something she had thought about from time to time.

I think back on it and I realize she was testing the waters. She would often grab my but while I was shaving in the morning or sometimes slide a finger between my cheeks making me jump a bit in surprise.

Footfetish stories

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Footfetish Stories