Fetish doctor

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Report Thread starter 2 years ago 1. Hello all, I am just going to come out and say it, I get turned on by the traditional image of a doctor i. It's like the daddy thing but for physicians. Amazingly, my boyfriend happens to be a medical student which gives him extra bonus points. We also have a very exciting sex life since we both like to role play. We've done the 'naughty nurse' act but never the 'dodgy doctor' one which I've really wanted to do.

So I got some XL scrubs from the hospital I'm an HCA , his stethoscope, and laid them out on our bed with clinell wipes as petals, thinking he would be thrilled to play this out. At this point he went off on one, ranting about how I'm only with him because he's going to become a doctor, I'm a gold digger blah blah. All stuff which I though was very harsh and uncalled for. Right now he's sleeping on the kitchen floor and I'm here wondering what I did wrong and how I can convince him to do this.

I'm always ready to tale part in his fantasies but when I suggest this he gets all huffy and it's just downright selfish. Should I break up with him? Not what you're looking for? Badges: Report 2 years ago 2. Original post by FridgeRaiders Hello all, I am just going to come out and say it, I get turned on by the traditional image of a doctor i.

Report 2 years ago 3. Original post by FridgeRaiders Report Thread starter 2 years ago 4. Report 2 years ago 5. Original post by FridgeRaiders Can I have some actual advice pls. Report 2 years ago 6. I think you should have a conversation with him. Talk about your feelings honestly. If he is reasonable and trusts you than this should go fine. However he sounds pretty crazy laying on the kitchen floor so I don't know what to expect and the only thing you can do is be honest and clear.

Report Thread starter 2 years ago 7. Original post by punkdilla I think you should have a conversation with him.

Fetish doctor

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