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I wake as usual at around 8 AM on Saturday morning. My husband was still asleep and I let him stay sleeping. I don't, these days, usually refer to my husband as a husband but as my housewife. Nor do I use the male pronoun "he" except for external appearances. Although he remains and will always remain a male biologically, he has been feminised and away from the glare of society and family, he lives as any western girl would with all the attendant beauty regimes such as hair removal, beauty products and clothing. Yes that means skirts and dresses in the home.

As he sleeps I consider, as I often do, how his feminisation is an element of our lifestyle where I control all aspects of out marriage. Yes it was my idea to have a wife-led marriage and to feminise him and I do still have had to nudge him into various aspects of the new lifestyle but once there he settles into things well and even prefers it in the end. There is still much to change but there's no hurry and incremental change works so much better. I have renamed him with a female name Alice and call him a girl to reinforce that femininity.

His new femininity we started around five years ago drives a new behaviour in him and strips away those so-called masculine elements that society builds into males, undesirable elements such as aggression, control and superiority. He is now gentle, thoughtful and submissive. He had all these lovely traits anyway but bringing them out more through encouraging his femininity has turned him into a more respectful and beautiful person who is also happy to abdicate all responsibility to me as the lead in our marriage.

If it were the other way round and it was he who was in charge no one would think it odd. So why is this so unusual that it's me, the woman in charge? And why shouldn't a male wear female clothing and take care of his appearance?

Who said that only women can wear skirts? I'll use the male pronoun for him in this article though to avoid confusion. It's not that he will ever become a real woman or is a transgender, it's that I've found that increasing his feminisation has made our live together truly remarkable for the both of us. He eventually wakes about 15 minutes later and we snuggle up together. His nightie is satin and pink. He also has a short white cotton one, more of a baby-doll, and two longer white cotton ones for winter. Although he occasionally pushes back against my feminisation of him, he's told me that many of the changes I've made, such as nighties, feel so much nicer.

I do prefer very girly clothing on him such as pretty pinks and whites as I think it's necessary to exaggerate the femininity to have the desired effect. I tell him it's time to make us a cup of tea and to bring it up to bed. He jumps out of bed, curtsies gently and goes downstairs in his pretty pink nightie to make the tea for us. I love the look of the frill of the hem against his shaved legs. He returns to the bedroom with two mugs of tea, remembering to curtsy again before giving me my tea. He rarely forgets to curtsy these days.

Why do I insist on him curtsying? It helps to cement the different status levels between us in the marriage. Of course, a curtsy is so much more feminine than a bow and also helps to enforce his new femininity as well. We hadn't made any real plans for the day, we both had a busy working week.

He works from home in a less stressful job than me and I have to travel and deal with clients so my husband's status as "housewife" is appropriate. Today will be relatively relaxing although he has some cleaning and tidying to do as he didn't find time in the week. I only do housework if I'm in the mood, we've agreed it's his role. We decide to go to the cinema and although I liked the idea I wasn't too bothered with what we saw so I allow him to choose. He selected War for Planet of The Apes rather tentatively as he know it wouldn't have been my choice.

However, despite what may seem like a one-way relationship, I'm not a tyrant and I want him to be happy too. So I tell him with a giggle he should be choosing something more feminine but I let it go at that knowing he'll enjoy the film. Being a girl doesn't mean him losing his taste for sci-fi and sport and I wouldn't want him to not do what he likes. Many people think that a wife-led marriage means the Lady of the House makes all the decisions and the submissive male is little more than a servant.

This isn't true in real life, only on Fetish web sites. In a real wife-led marriage we have an agreement about how we want to run our relationship. He has accepted that he will be submissive and in general this suits him and makes his life more comfortable. Besides it wouldn't be fair on the Lady of the House who would have to think of everything. We're a married couple and outside of the Female-Led Relationship FLR lifestyle, everything else we do is the same as a normal vanilla marriage.

I therefore think about his needs too as any spouse would do. His views are considered and I will use them to come to my final decision. Sometimes when I'm not bothered or don't feel like making a decision I let him decide knowing it will be a considered and thoughtful decision. Our wife-led relationship has reduced disagreement and argument now that he has given over control to me.

I do realise that at times he accepts somethings reluctantly but he doesn't generally protest as this comes with the agreement. We have a harmonious loving relationship which outweighs small concerns over decision making. Many familial disputes are over ridiculous unimportant things so if one of the couple makes those decisions then peace is the result.

If he is really upset over something he knows he can bring it to me and we will discuss a solution. I don't want him unhappy or resentful. If he ever feels uncomfortable about an aspect of my leadership or some new area of feminisation I've introduced then I will often explain to him that it's purely his lifetime of social conditioning kicking in and he needs to get over it. He understands my logic that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with him being subservient to me or being feminised.

It's only a social construction. I always shower first and then my husband Alice follows since it's his job to clean the shower and bathroom afterward, of course. I generally leave my nightwear and damp towel on the floor for him to clear up as he's doing that work anyway. After he's cleaned the bathroom he prepares our breakfast. He puts on a bra and his casual red cotton dress. I don't want him with a wig or breast inserts as we're going out later so it's not worth the trouble. Like many aspects of our relationship and his feminisation, some things appear odd on the face of it. Why would I insist he wear a bra for example?

The answer is that it's like the curtsying, it's a symbol of a road he's now on and what could be more feminine than female underwear? So to reinforce his femininity it's important not to leave out the bits that aren't strictly necessary physically, otherwise it takes away the overall package and feeling that he has to live and act as a girl these days. I like to watch the TV news on Saturday mornings and we eat breakfast on the sofa. We only have something light such as toast and coffee.

He brings it to me on a tray, not forgetting to curtsy of course. If any women reading this have never been served breakfast with a curtsy from their man in a dress then they don't know what they are missing. It's pure pleasure. I allow him to sit on the sofa with me. It's a bit of a treat for him as after breakfast I don't really like him on the chairs and he has to sit on the floor at my feet if we take a break or watch something together. He sometimes discusses this with me as he doesn't fully understand the rule but his place is below me, physically and status-wise and this is another symbol.

Humans need symbols in all walks of life and this is no different. I sometimes like to stroke his head as he's reading or watching TV so he knows there's love and affection in what I'm doing for him. I like him to massage my feet at times too so it's nice if he's already at my feet. He stacks the dishwasher after breakfast as I read the newspaper on my iPhone. He wipes down the kitchen and cleans the kitchen floor. I buy the tickets to the cinema online and choose the early afternoon show as it's always less busy. Since we're going out he has to change out of his pretty dress and into male over-clothes.

I still insist he wears a bra under his shirt and, although it isn't filled with breast inserts for now, the outline does show through it a little. He has asked many times that he be allowed to go out without a bra in the summer for this reason but I can't allow it. He used to have to wear women's panties but now I prefer nothing for reasons I'll come on to later.

I do think the time is coming to try him in female trousers and a blouse when going out and see how that goes. I explain to him I'm actually being kind in just insisting on the bra as what I'd prefer is that that he wear a dress to go out. This is true and if he wasn't so concerned, it's what I would prefer him to wear. I just don't accept the social norms. It's the people in general society who have a problem in not accepting a feminised male and a wife-dominated marriage in public. However, I know it worries him a lot so I don't enforce him having to wear a dress outside the house, at the moment.

We'll try the female trousers idea and see how it goes. To be honest, I get annoyed everytime he changes into male outer clothing to leave the house and it takes a while for me to clam down and relax when we're out. I'm not sure why it bothers me so much but I really don't like it. I guess it's taken a lot of work to get him to where he is and I don't want him sipping back to being a "typical male.

He will have to accept it eventually and I have a plan to travel to somewhere more open-minded than an outer London suburb to start to get him used to wearing dresses and skirts outside the home with other people around. I do have a couple of other friends in relationships like ours and he has to wear dresses and skirts with them in their or our home. This is a good first stage but I have explained this to him it's only a stage to his fuller and more permanent feminisation.

I will have to push him into it but I know he will accept it and enjoy it. After the film, we go to a coffee bar. I give Alice my order then find seats for us. When he brings the drinks to me he makes only a little curtsy although I allow him to make a small dip with arms at his side rather than the fuller curtsy he performs at home. I can see he's still uncomfortable but he knows I'm being caring and kind in allowing the smaller curtsy.

I would prefer a full curtsy as it shows the proper respect. I remind him that I'm less bothered about the small curtsy than the fact he is not wearing a skirt. This is still festering in my head. Although I say nothing today as I want to relax, I sometimes moan at him for not being in a pretty skirt when we're in a restaurant or bar. I don't like to see him in male trousers, it's like a dark storm cloud hanging around me.

Luckily for him, today it's sunnier. When we're out I will always continue to call him Alice or girl.

Female led relationship articles

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