Cuckold popularity

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Cuckolding, a sexual fetish where a man enjoys watching or listening his partner have sex with someone else, cropped up in mainstream media after Reuters reported former Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr.

Liberty University officials have since sued Falwell , saying he "led a scheme to cover up the illicit conduct" while getting a salary raise during his tenure at the university. Falwell's former business partner Giancarlo Granda told Reuters that Falwell "enjoyed watching from the corner of the room" while Granda and Falwell's wife Becki were "intimate.

Falwell denied this, and said only his wife was involved. But the news gained national attention, as Falwell was heading the ultra-conservative and evangelical Liberty University at the time. Students there are forbidden from having extramarital sex and same-sex relationships, Insider ly reported. According to researcher and sex therapist David Ley , cuckolding is a common sexual fantasy for old-fashioned types.

Ley spent a year researching cuckolding for his book "Insatiable Wives," because he could only find one study on the kink and wanted to learn more. In interviewing various heterosexual couples about their experiences with cuckolding, Ley learned those who were married and in their 40s were most likely to partake. First, some men find the personal aspect of cuckolding more erotic than porn. According to Ley, some men think: "I'd rather watch my wife have sex with other people than watch some stranger in pornography," because it's more real.

Cuckolding might also appeal to someone who wants to experience "vicarious bisexuality," as Ley calls it. Lehmiller, who conducted his own sexual-fantasy research for his book "Tell Me What You Want," found politically conservative men cite cuckolding as a sexual fantasy more often than their liberal counterparts, despite the fact men often use "cuck" as a derogatory term for a weak man or sellout. Ley gave the example of a man who identified as a white Nazi and wrote a letter to him. He told Ley his greatest sexual fantasy would be his wife cheating on him with a Jewish person or person of color, because it was something he was taught to hate and fear.

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According to researcher and sex therapist David Ley, conservative men might be sexually drawn to cuckolding because it's something they were told is forbidden or wrong. Visit Insider's home for more stories. Stay up to date with what you want to know.

Cuckold popularity

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Why conservative men may be attracted to cuckolding, according to a researcher who studies the kink